Quality Leads at an Affordable Price

Karen Tooker is  dedicated to personal service and is willing  to go the extra mile for each of her clients. After practicing  real estate originally in Arizona,  Karen’s passion for helping people  eventually led her to get back into the real estate business after moving to Georgia. 


Case Study - Karen Tooker

Homes.com believes in providing agents and brokers with quality products and trusted business solutions. A fresh start in the real estate industry can be challenging, especially when starting in a new market. 

However, generating quality leads in a time when online house hunting gives buyers more choices than ever before is a problem for agents at all stages of their careers. Helping agents get back in the game at an affordable price is one of the many things Homes.com is proud to do every day. 

Elite REALTORS®  is a locally owned and operated real estate brokerage in Bonaire, Georgia. They pride themselves on bringing home buyers and sellers together in the Middle Georgia area. With a seasoned staff of brokers and agents, no one knows central Georgia better than they do. In 2016, Elite REALTORS®  ranked #7 in the Central Georgia MLS with over $25 million in sales, making Elite REALTORS®  your home buying headquarters!

Starting a new business from scratch is a challenge regardless of the industry you are in; you have to have a plan and most importantly an affordable way to generate sales. 


 That is why Karen turned to Homes.com. “You guys are the only online source I trusted to partner with to grow my business.”  With the help


From the beginning, Karen was impressed by the number of interested buyers who  contacted her, and is excited to follow up with the steady stream of inquiries she continues to receive. Recently  she went under contract with a new Homes.com Local Connect buyer. “She was all ready to go when I contacted her from the lead form. She was pre-approved with the lender and even knew exactly which neighborhood she wanted to be in; she just needed an agent to represent her in the transaction, but no one had gotten back to her online.” Karen added, “I am currently under contract with her and I am working with 2 other buyers as a direct result of advertising on Homes.com.”

In 2016 Karen closed several sales and generated a 12x return on her advertising spending with Homes.com.


It was these results that led her to increase her Homes.com advertising for 2017. “ I plan to keep advertising with Homes.com because I get results. Right now I would be crazy not to do it!”


Karen is a zealous advocate for her clients and is ready to help with every step of the buying, selling and renting process. 

Karen Tooker originally began her real estate career in Arizona, but decided to pursue other interests when she moved to Georgia. Eventually her passion for the real estate industry and helping people led her back to being an agent.

While buying a home has become more and more of an online process, homebuyers still need an agent they can trust to represent them. As the “new” agent in town, Karen needed to find an affordable online advertising solution for generating quality leads. She knew once they connected with her she could help them find the right home.

of Homes.com’s representatives, Karen was able to generate quality leads with the popular Local Connect advertising program. Homes.com Local Connect helps agents, just like Karen, get started with prices starting at just $25 per month.

Local Connect brings agents and brokers property inquiries from interested buyers in their local area with just a click of a button. Karen started out advertising in 2 zip codes for about $100 per month. This initial investment got Karen’s name out there and started bringing in inquires, but it was her passionate representation and dedicated follow up with her clients that led to her success.



Keep reading to find out how Karen achieved a 12x return on her ad investment!